Sales REPORT in your EMAIL

Get daily or monthly sales results in your inbox
For MULTI-LOCATION businesses


No softwares or apps REQUIRED

Automated and profile specific reports delivery to make it
easily accessible to anyone, anywhere


The most effective data reporting

The FASTEST way to spread knowledge and
put your team looking to results


Why Ubismart solution ?

Because checking your inbox is probably the first thing you do every morning.

Because life is easier when the technology becomes a solution and not another troubling task or tool.

Because reporting by email is the best way to create DATA DRIVEN culture and get everyone onboard, automatically.

For who ?

Have a busy schedule and travel a lot?
Many stores, offices, products or services to control?

For stores

For brands

How it works ?

The best solutions are always the simple.

Data Sources Integration

Connect tools and files you use and love with our ready-made connector. From your databases, to cloud services or BI tools.

Your Email Addresses

Choose your mailing list and start receiving sales report. Instant delivery for you and your managers at once, without needing an account.


Business as usual technology to make your sales report easily accessible and effective.
Get all important results into your mailbox, with zero effort, everyday.


Sales SUMMARY with comparisons to last period performance. Detailed sales REPORTS with heatmaps and bar graphs for deeper analysis and ALERTS for critical values. Faster and intuitive.


Scheduled SNAPSHOTS and REPORTS such as daily, monthly or annual. Receive the results when you need it and wherever you are. We promise, not too many, timely and simple notifications.

People Segmentation

Notify your team at once. Get separate sales snapshots for different groups and maintain the sales report template in all entire organization. Say hello to smart escalation.

dashboard dashboard
Multiple Location Notifications

No internet connection? Some of your managers are not email checkers? OK, no problem… SMS or Push sales notifications for them. No excuses for late actions.

No More Software’s

More passwords? More dashboards? More tools? Faster and business as usual sales report solution for higher engagements - EMAIL, SMS and PUSH notifications.


Are you a team, department or organization leader? We have something extra for you.

Some of Ubismart clients

Timely and relevant reports for our worldwide Retailer and CPG customers.
Ubismart for those organizations who want to create a data driven culture with zero effort.

Plans & Pricing

Simple and transparent prices. Connect with Ubismart to identify which tier is right for you.


starts at €150

Per month, billed annually

Solution for
small teams

1 user included

1 integration

35 emails report/m

Up to store level


Solution for
growing teams

1 user included

1 integration

70 emails report/m

20 sms report/m

Up to category or employee level

Notifications tracking


Solution for

1 user included

1 integration

Unlimited emails report

Unlimited sms report

Up to SKU or customer level

Notifications tracking



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Request a Demo of ubismart' platform

Reporting demo

Use case: daily sales summary report for a world wide chain (e.g. retailer). 3 segmented reports for different profiles. On the columns (inside the report) the KPI names. Fill all the forms bellow, and check the reports (dont forget to check the spam box).